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LSU TV Set Design – Before, After, and During Gallery

6 September, 2012 (08:20) | tv set design, TV Set Design components

The TV Set Design Team We have just had a pair of our people return from installing a tv set design for LSU. This tv set design was created and built by our company, Gelbach Designs Inc., and then installed by our fearless leader and one of our coworkers. Additionally, we had Kim Cook on […]

Adding a new custom news desk picture to the elliptic category

23 August, 2012 (14:31) | News Desks, tv set design, TV Set Design components

Sioux Falls Elliptic News Desk Recently we’ve created a news desk for Sioux Falls University; a slight variant of our Elliptic News Desk model. Two of my favorite laminates were used in this model, a gloss black and brushed metal. This elliptic model is our second most popular model, preceded by the Robust News Desk. […]

NAU-TV broadcast display set design

14 January, 2012 (13:18) | broadcast studio design, News Desks, studio set design, TV Set Design components

The Broadcast Display Recently we have completed designing, fabricating, and installing a broadcast display design for Northern Arizona University. This form is representative of our complete strong set style of broadcast display design. The parts that make this display fantastic are it’s colorful translucence, the simple but visually rich graphic panels, glowing backlit columns, vibrant […]

Adding new news anchor desk images

28 September, 2011 (10:02) | broadcast studio design, News Desks, tv set design, TV Set Design components

Today we get to add some proper (almost) images of the smaller version of our Wide Angle News Desk. This 8′ wide version is more affordable and takes up less space than the 10′ wide version with the only sacrifice being less anchors can fit at one time. The Wide Angle News Desk is the […]

Set Design Before and After

19 September, 2011 (12:51) | broadcast studio design, tv set design, TV Set Design components

IRS Criminal Investigations Recently we took a trip to Washington, DC to install a set design we created for IRS Criminal Investigations. The set was designed, as you will see in the images, to fill the space as much as possible for 3 different positions tailored to internal broadcast for the CI division of the […]

Small Anchor Desk

16 August, 2011 (11:50) | broadcast studio design, News Desks, TV Set Design components

We have just completed a teeny little news broadcast anchor desk for Beacon School District in New York, NY. The main body of the broadcast desk is blue laminates. The top is black laminate with a silver edging applied. The thing that really jumps out about this desk is the school district logo on the […]

New TV Set Design for Broadcast

6 July, 2011 (13:57) | broadcast studio design, tv set design, TV Set Design components

Henry Ford Broadcast Set Design Some images of our newest set to leave the shop floor headed for the Henry Ford broadcast studio. This small but potent TV studio set is made with lots of love, powdercoated steel, wood laminates, recessed lighting, translucent PETG sheets covered in translucent vinyl, shiny stuff, silver stuff, and glass. […]

New Broadcast Studio

31 May, 2011 (10:38) | broadcast studio design, tv set design, TV Set Design components

This week we sent out a set designed and built by us for the South South News broadcast out of NY proper. The broadcast studio set consists of huge graphic panels, blue translucent vinyl on PETG, silver powercoated framing, translucent clear acrylic, laminates, and many other materials. This set was a challenge as it is […]

New TV Set Design images from our clients

12 May, 2011 (10:48) | News Desks, tv set design, TV Set Design components

The Images Most of our out of town clients promise us pictures once the set design has been completely lit and prepared for broadcast. This is always an exciting concept for us, due to the fact that often we are already back in our home city of Charlotte by the time the lighting company is […]

TV Set Design – Creation Science Evangelism

19 April, 2011 (12:55) | News Desks, TV Set Design components

The Client: Creation Science Evangelism It’s always great to see our clients so happy (as this picture so clearly proves). This particular TV set design was created for Creation Science Evangelism, also known as God Quest. The client unloaded the shipped crates, and set up the entire set themselves, proving both the client’s capability and […]